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You may have heard it repeatedly said by the Democrats that the Health Care Bill does not provide for abortions.

Watch the following video of the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius.

Ms. Sebelius discusses a neat little accounting trick that will divert tax money into a separate account for tax funded abortions. Mind you! Most Senators have not even read the full text of the bill. Republican Senators have been shut out of the process, and have objected to not being permitted to see the whole bill. Final vote in the Senate is 12/24/09. There is a rush by the Democrats to ram this bill through by Christmas Eve.

Now for the video:
If they pass a healthcare plan mark my word, there will be more and more regulation on what we are and are not allowed to do and eat, all in the name of our health. As if we need big brother to guide us. And yes, I believe in the end if there is a national healthcare plan it will pay for abortion.
Phaedrus wrote:

"If my taxes are used for government insurance and I want an abortion, then the government insurance should pay."

Abortions most often happen because the unborn baby is an inconvenience, or in the way. Once people can get their minds around the idea that it's perfectly O.K. to murder an unborn baby, because the baby is an inconvenience, it doesn't stop there. It continues. Euthanasia becomes acceptable for other people in society who might be considered an "inconvenience" or "in the way". People who are no longer considered viable. The elderly, the physically disabled, and the mentally ill, are the next to fall into the catagory of people who are an inconvenience. People who are no longer viable, and in the way.

Then we end up with a society that gives the right to live or die according to government mandate.

This is the slippery slope we start down, by having government funded abortions.
Phaedrus wrote:If my taxes are used for government insurance and I want an abortion, then the government insurance should pay.

I do not want to pay for your abortion. Government should not be paying for any health issues, nor should they be paying for abortions. Government does not have any money of their own. They steal it from those who work and force us to pay for things we did not choose to pay for. The harder we work the more they steal from us. Socialism
ElephantInTheRoom wrote:Why should a person who feels abortion is infanticide, have their taxes confiscated to pay for another person's abortion?

They definitely should not. It's wrong. You should decide where your money goes. Not a bunch of bureaucrats in Washington who think they can spend your money better than you can.
While there are real problems in the world, there are people who post their opinions who have never given a thought to the implications of their comments. How can they? Their thought processes refuse to accept the necessary discipline of reason.

People are entitled to believe in consprisy theories. There are people who believe that David Koresh will be brought back to life in 2012. The Disney cartoons are real in the minds of some people. And not too many years ago the states had hospitals where people whose minds had given way to the unreal were able to get treatment.

Now, many of the untreated souls who live in some different universe right here on earth are free to post their wildest dreams as statements of reality. That fact is a strange element of life in the 21st century and the path of reason does not provide them with the freedom to unleash their exploding enthusiasm for the unlikely far enough.

I suggest that before one believes the unlikely, consider first what is the most likely event.

Posters state that our congressmen have not read the health bill and that's why they voted for it. Using that hypothesis, could the converse be true? Is it possible that those who did not read the health bill are the ones who didn't vote for it. If you wrote to your congressman or senator and asked the question, would they tell you the truth? But then, how would you know?

I can state catagorically that I didn't read the last changes, but should you believe me?

See Ollie what a mess you have gotten us all in?
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