By PHLproducer
Wow, think twice before getting a birthday cake from Sinfully Delicious in Brookhaven! The stuff is more like, Sinfully AWFUL after two tries now.
Several weeks after they opened back a few years ago I bought six danish on a Saturday afternoon for the next Sunday morning. They had mold on the bottoms. When I called and spoke to Andrew, the owner, the response was "okay". Not even an apology or refund offer except, come in and we'll give you a replacement.
Then, yesterday I picked up a b'day cake ordered as "white cake w/choc icing". The cake was a YELLOW cake with a MOCHA buttercream icing and so dry no one could eat it. Again, I called this a.m. and spoke w/Andrew and said it was disappointing that the cake wasn't what I ordered and was too dry to eat ($22.25 too!)! Guess what the response was? "Okay". I said, WHAT DO YOU PLAN TO DO? His response? "Come on in and we'll give you some stuff". This guy is a poor excuse for a businessman. I didn't even have the energy to go further. Bottom line, don't waste your money at this joke of a bakery!