By Nick_Finger
My name is Nick Finger and I am running an SAT program this summer at Radnor High School. The courses are sponsored by a company called Ivy Insiders that was founded in 2003 by a Harvard Graduate. Since then the innovative program has been revised and expanded to encompass 27 states and over 3,000 students as of last summer. The program takes a new approach to the SAT by hiring Ivy League undergraduates to teach the classes and explaining the test as a game that can be beaten. The SAT is predictable and thus can be mastered (and beaten). Below is more information about the course and my contact info.

Contact Info:
Nick Finger
Radnor High School Graduate 2008
Yale University Class of 2012
Cell Phone: 9149071004;
Home Phone: 6103563567
Profile from the website:
Nick is a freshman at Yale College. He is considering a double major in psychology and mathematics. When he was in high school he took the SAT only once at the beginning of his junior year and received a score of 2280. He worked for two summers after that as an SAT tutor for a local company. In high school, he was captain of the varsity football and wrestling teams. He was awarded honorable mention for the All-Delaware County football team. As a junior, he was a regional qualifier in the 215 lb weight class, and as a senior, he was a state qualifier in the heavyweight (285 lb) weight class. He was also president of the school's Honor Council. Before serving on the council, he helped to write the honor code for the school. It was the first honor code in a Pennsylvania public school. Once the code was established he worked to integrate the values into the culture at his high school. In high school, he received the Yale Book Award, was named a Congressional Scholar Athlete, and was given several awards for his visual artwork which included painting and sculpture. In his free time he plays rugby for the Yale Rugby Football Club and he is a guide at the Yale Center for British Art. At the end of the summer, he will be the leader of a Freshman Outdoor Orientation Trip (a camping program for incoming freshman). He also enjoys wasting time in the dining hall and pretending to do work in the library while distracting his friends.

Organization: Ivy Insiders (
Info: The company was started several years ago by a Harvard undergraduate named Nicholas Green who is now the CEO of the company. He hoped to change the SAT prep market by looking at the SAT in a new way. He has approached the test as a game that can be beaten instead of a test of one's aptitude or intelligence which it is not. On average, students who took the Ivy Insiders prep course increased their scores by 264 points. All the tutors are undergraduates in the Ivy League so they know what the test is like and did well on the test when they took it. I have been doing SAT tutoring myself for two summers at for a local company in Bryn Mawr. I believe that most students would benefit from my experience as a tutor and my personal experience taking the test. I remember clearly how stressful taking the SAT can be. Through my classes, I will commit all my effort to alleviating this stress for students and making them successful on test day.

Types of Tutoring and Price: Ivy Insiders offers quality SAT prep at a very affordable price. Each classroom course I will teach is 3 weeks long and is $699 for 18 hours of tutoring and 4 practice exams. This works out to a little under $40 per hour. Compared to other local tutoring companies this is a great bargain. I will also be providing private tutoring (10 hours- $999; 20 hours- $1799; 30 hours- $2399). Private tutoring will be one-on-one instruction with the student while the classroom course will be taught at Radnor High School with about 15 kids per class. With the classroom course, students can add 4 hours of private tutoring for just $200 (this is called the hybrid discount). In addition, I am offering a $100 discount to anyone who signs up through this advertisement. I am committed to providing quality test prep to anyone who signs up. I am giving a discount now through the email, however, if money is an issue please email or call me because the company can grant larger full or partial scholarships to students. The focus of my tutoring is teaching.

Class Dates and Times:
Sat 7/11 Exam 1, 10:00- 1:30
Mon 7/13 Lecture 1, 10:00- 1:00
Wed 7/15 Lecture 2, 10:00- 1:00
Sat 7/18 Exam 2, 10:00- 1:30
Mon 7/20 Lecture 3, 10:00- 1:00
Wed 7/22 Lecture 4, 10:00- 1:00
Sat 7/25 Exam 3, 10:00- 1:30
Mon 7/27 Lecture 5, 10:00- 1:00
Wed 7/29 Lecture 6, 10:00- 1:00
Sat 8/1 Exam 4, 10:00- 1:30

Sat 7/25 Exam 1, 2:00- 5:30
Mon 7/27 Lecture 1, 2:00- 5:00
Tues 7/28 Lecture 2, 2:00- 5:00
Wed 7/29 Lecture 3, 2:00- 5:00
Sat 8/1 Exam 2, 2:00- 5:30
Mon 8/3 Lecture 4, 2:00- 5:00
Wed 8/5 Lecture 5, 2:00- 5:00
Fri 8/7 Lecture 6, 2:00- 5:00
Sat 8/8 Exam 3, 2:00- 5:30
Sat 8/15 Exam 4, 2:00- 5:30

Private Tutoring: Flexible dates and times

How to sign up: I have two classes posted on the Ivy Insiders website, one in July and one in August. To sign up for either of my classes:
1. Go to the website
2. Click enroll now
3. Enter the zip code 19087
4. Go to classroom tutoring
5. Click on either of the classes at Radnor High School
6. Choose the Classroom or Hybrid (includes 4 hours of private tutoring) option
7. Click checkout and enter the discount code PA11H1 when checking out to receive the $100 discount