By primeratemortgage
Anyone have any views on the current state of our economy?

What do you think is going to happen to our property values? It seems like my value has slipped just a tiny a bit. Do you think the housing market can rebound and get hot again anytime soon?

I heard Bernacky was dropping interest rates again today. Do you think this will help? He has helped me out personally because I bought a new Toyota in May on a Home Equity Loan and my rate was 7.25% and now it is 6.5% I really hope he lowers the fed lending rates again and the prime rate goes even lower.

I also found it interesting that the yield on the 10 year bond dropped to 3.3% last Tues. It rebounded a tiny bit after some investors left bonds for stocks, however I have been doing mortgages for people for 7 years and the rates are the best I have seen since 2002!!!

Do you think the stock market will rebound and cause the rates to sky rocket? Or do you think people will stay in the bonds and keep these fixed rates at all time lows?

I never expected these rates to stay this low for this long. It really is incredible. I am quoting fixed rates at 5.5%. I thought by now they would be atleast in the 7% range???!!!????

Oh one more thing, GAS PRICES is there anyway to lower these prices at the pump? It has to be effecting inflation.