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By janetb
I have a 6 or 7 year old Samsung front loading washer that won't drain.
We've checked the hose & the pump for clogs, and there are none.
So I'm at the point where I suppose I need to have someone come out & take a look-see to determine if it's reasonable to fix this or if I should simply replace the washer.
Does anyone know of someone who does this type of thing?
Thanks, all...
Bounce back?
Good God, it has been a long time... let's see, my husband passed away in March 2013, I'm still working insurance (north Wilmington) but different company... still in the house in Rockdale... life was a bit crazy for a while, but still is slowly calming down... et vous?
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By Phaedrus
Hi janetB, it's nice to have you post. Your washer drain pump is probably not working and you should repair it. However, these days these machines have so many electronics that it could be a switch or software problem.

Everyone looking for a fail safe tank of a washing machine should consider this American made beauty. The last machine most of us will ever own. ... lt-to-last
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By janetb
SpeedQueen, huh? Hah ... at $1,900 it'd better live longer than I do!!
The pisser is that my husband would have looked at it, gone to that appliance parts store on 322, and it would have been fixed in 15 minutes plus travel time.
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I had a guy about 3-4 months ago come and look at our Samsung front loader. He told me it's not worth fixing . The bearings were shot. Then he proceeded to tell me that most private repair people won't even work on them. So we went and bought an Electrolux. Nice mechine and is super quiet compared to that piece of junk Samsung with it's self balàncing. That thing would bang and bang reverse and bang and bang some more. I also have fairly new LG appliances in my kitchen. He said we call LG large garbage. The big [--removed--] refrigerator ices up next to the fan and the blades hit the ice build up and makes a racket. It's been fixed once already under warranty. Never again will I buy either Samsung or LG. And yes we probably should have went with an American made washer but so far the Electrolux has been great. Can't hardly hear it running.
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When we had our kitchen done a few years ago I really wanted the Electrolux range with the induction cooktop, but I didn't want to have to go out and buy all new cookware. No gas on my street so it had to be electric.
Damn greenhead just bit me on the leg. I hate those bastages. Can't wait to move to Fla..