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By Stinky Pete
What's the point of these roll bars (if that's what they're called) if the driver's head extends well above them? And what does the silver canister between them do?

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By astontibs
Purely decorative and I don't know what the silver canister is. As you are alluding to, unless the bar extends over the head and the driver is locked in with a 5 point harness, he is pretty susceptible to injury in a rollover.
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By Wrench97
Could be a polished nitrous oxide bottle
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By eriknben10
That car is for people under 5' 5" where their heads actually fit into the head rest. Consider the fact it is a Japanese car. They might use the chrome fire extinguisher because they have the car set up for nitromethane . Either that or it is a Mazda Miata that wants to grow up to be a Dodge Viper.
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By BigGabber
This cracks me up every time I see this. Useless. Completely useless unless they are shorter or duck maybe lol.