The question they didn't ask, President Trump didn't pick up any new supporters. Just report only a few that are scared they might lose a free lunch. Such hogwash they put in print. " I’m not a lawyer, but I read it and I knew it’s unconstitutional. " :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
How thankful we now have a President who actually has care for this once great nation and culture. Undermined by the previous "president" and shown by his contempt for this once nation and especially culture. The confirmed Leftists on here ignore history and truth. and have made GoAston into a propaganda machine for the "cause".
What's really interesting, and I've read a few articles on this, are the Christians who abandoned everything they believed in, all their values, and voted for a disgusting pervert of a non-Christian man. Everything that they claimed was important, just like that, they decided wasn't important.
eriknben10 wrote:The question they didn't ask, President Trump didn't pick up any new supporters.

There is no evidence of that in any polls. The yahoo story was based on their polling whitch showed a loss of enthusiasm and real regret. Now there may be some people who have moved to him, but the polling evidence is a net loss and that is the story and that is why most of the anecdotes reported are in support of the poll findings.

Now I'm sure you will just dismiss the poll, but it doesn't make your suspicion that people might be moving to Trump anything more than a personal fantasy unsupported by anything except an egomaniacal belief in the truth of whatever position you choose.
sums it up well-
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