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By Phaedrus
This one's rich. Kellyanne Conway, after hearing that 6.9 million people would rather pay the Obamacare fine than buy health care, stated that they could have used that money to buy health care. Ummm, no, Kellyanne, they chose the fine.
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By Stinky Pete
I want to make my own Sermon-on-the-Mount Republican Jesus.

"The poor aren't Blessed. Being poor is a state of mind. No one never died from not having access to healthcare. And those loaves and fishes cost money, people!"

"If anyone slaps your right cheek, tell the whole country that she had blood coming out of her...whatever"
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By Stinky Pete
So things are going well in the Senate! Clearly, they had formulated a plan over the past seven years, and now they're executing it with precision. They are an intelligent group. I'm sure they'll be announcing the shiny new plan any day now.
Stinky Pete wrote:Sounds like they're going to set yet another totally arbitrary date for next week, and hope they convince roughly 20% of the republican senators to change their minds by then.

McConnell have threatened them by taking away the first 2 weeks of their August vacation and making them stay in DC to work on it if they don't get it passed soon.