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By Stinky Pete
I guess this last sentence means that PennDOT did not approve the grant?

The Board of Commissioners directed the Engineer to conduct a feasibility analysis for constructing roundabouts at each location. Their analysis concluded that a roundabout at each location is feasible and would address the traffic concerns at both locations. It is intended to use the feasibility analysis as supporting documentation to accompany the PennDOT Automated Red Light Enforcement (ARLE) Grant application. If PennDOT approves the grant, design would occur in late 2015, with construction in 2016.
in July of 2016 they got $882,525 from the Commonwealth Financing Authority’s Act 13 Program. The funds will go toward:
• $315,000 for multimodal work at Aston Concord Road and Donnelly Avenue
• $332,500 for multimodal work at Aston Concord Road and MacIntyre Drive
• $235,025 for a watershed restoration project at Aston Newsome Property Park

They didn't get anything from Wolf on the Automated Red Light Enforcement (ARLE) Program
On a side note, it took them until this year, to get the 2016 posted online. :roll:
forgot the link for the post I made. ... /?id=77172
Back in Sept. 2014 they also got a grant. Aston Township Streetscape Improvements $1,000,000 ... XNwe1.dpbs
Here is another from 2016. ... newsid=482

Aston Township -- $132,102 to improve pedestrian facilities at seven intersections along Route 452 (Pennell Road) and five intersections along Route 3007 (Concord Road).
They applied for grants 2016-2017 year from Penn Dot
Aston Township is proposing streetscape improvements along a 0.76-mile stretch of Concord Road (SR 3007). This project is intended to improve the walkability of the community and promote sound land use principles. $ 1,715,000.