Mixed feelings about the issue of law here. I think folks should honor the law, of course, on the one hand. On the other hand, having lived and volunteered in Kennett for 5 years, you won't find a sweeter, harder-working group of people who have, at long last, begun to THRIVE beautifully. It took decades for the Mexicano community to get ahead, being a group who sent a good deal of their earnings back home. But now children and grandchildren are going to college and working in educational, supervisory, retail management, law enforcement and other higher-level positions throughout the community. Really a beautiful thing to see. Of course there are still MANY, MANY poor in the community because of low wages at the mushroom farms (as well as a plethora of children per family which of course makes things more difficult).

Here's what I remember most: I was always at the local WAWA at the crack of dawn for my coffee, hanging out with the old, retired farm workers who "adopted" me during my time there. I'd spend about 30 minutes there, watching the local mushroom factory workers star their days there, mugs of coffee and WAWA breakfast sandwiches in hand, hairnets on their heads, greetings everywhere. You never saw jollier folks in your life! I so miss them as well as the town :( !!!
There are way s to keep legal immigration status. If they don't follow up on what should be there number one priority, that is their fault, not ours. If I was here from another country, I would make darn sure that I was legal.