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By Phaedrus
Ryan wrote:
Phaedrus wrote:Oh, you didn't offend me, honey. I'm just always interested in trying to improve you. Your hatred of all that is not you just drips off the screen until my keyboard gets all gooey.

And just to put a stronger point on it. it's not your language, it's the hatred that language represents and the damage that is done by people like you to others who are not like you. Actual, real, damage. That 's what hatred does. You may think it's all a big joke, but, like Trump, you are just filling the world with more hate.

I'm sure you blame others for making you feel this way. But it's just you, sweetie.

Give it a break will you? Can't you just take it and shut up when you get a beatdown. There is always some sort of intellectual retort or self aggrandizing justification for you spewing your "wisdom" for public consumption.

Like I said, we're done with your shaming and Obama-era Marxist propaganda. Nobody is being harmed by me telling you off. I have love for all who are subjected to your anti-american leftist logic and pompous intellectual disposition. I am speaking for the millions who disagree with your pretzel logic and am attempting to expunge your rhetoric from the public discussion. You are a bully and that is what bullies deserve.

Suck it up princess! I'm out on this topic, my life is too important for meaningless arguments with the likes people like you.

That you see my retort as intellectual is more a reflection of your perspective. I will leave it to other readers to decide who is using bully language