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By Wrench97
Brake? why brake when you just blow the air horn and scare them back to their own lane :roll:

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By astontibs
I went through there yesterday going straight instead of right and you really do need dotted lines. I felt like I was going to go head on into the other lane in order to provide enough room on the right for cars turning right. Either that or a redesign.
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By Stinky Pete
E&B mentioned the roundabout, but I don't think one is going there. There's one by the community center and one by Neumann, neither replacing a traffic light.
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By eriknben10
I was going by the vision plan that may one day happen. As for the other two I think they were on tap 1st because they are more affordable. Also I read if PennDOT approves the grant, design would occur in late 2015, with construction in 2016 on those two. (pipe dream timeline cause I highly doubt they could even do the study in such a time frame) So did they approve the grants for those locations? Well in July of 2016 they got $882,525 from the Commonwealth Financing Authority’s Act 13 Program. The funds will go toward:
• $315,000 for multimodal work at Aston Concord Road and Donnelly Avenue
• $332,500 for multimodal work at Aston Concord Road and MacIntyre Drive
• $235,025 for a watershed restoration project at Aston Newsome Property Park

These grants were on top of the 400k they got in May 2016 for the signal improvement funding. The black traffic signals were part of those funds.
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By Ryan
you described it well...I was trying to describe a situation where you ride in the straight lane then shift right at the same speed as straight lane, so nobody would be on your left. I guess it requires that you not exactly or entirely use the right turn lane. So you sort of half use the right lane, just enough that nobody will pass you in the straight lane and nobody will attempt to pass you in the right lane.

But now that you explain it, I see how you can still get cut off... I guess the real solution is to cut the right curb back an make the right lane wider so that the right turn traffic is further removed from the issue.

Attention construction review committee!! If somebody ever attempts to develop that corner site, be sure to require a rebuild of those curb cuts. Also do not allow regress from that side yard curb cut, into the problem area!! Exit through the rear toward the Diner or onto 452 south.

IMO, this situation should be addressed first BEFORE we beautify and enhance non-critical traffic situations elsewhere.
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By eriknben10
I know one of the reasons things move at a snails pace is because dealing with the state is time consuming. I built a home along a state road back in 1996 and it took 4 months for them to approve a simple driveway entrance. It appears it took over a year just to get the grant for these projects.