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By sandbagger2
I see where Marple Twp received a $3,250,000.00 grant from the Redevelopment Assistance Capital program last year to demolish and construct a new firehouse for Broomall. Great support from their officials.
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By eriknben10
It's amazing how much of our tax dollars go to redevelopment. Do you know if Aston applied for funds yet? I see the sun center was in round 1 this year. Neumann got a bundle as well.
201702010474 Sun Center Hotel and Tourist Attraction Sun Center II, Inc. Delaware Chester Township $17,500,000 New construction of (i) an Indoor Themed Attraction, (ii) a Hotel, Spa and Conference Center and (iii) an Outdoor Attraction with retail, dining and live entertainment on 28-acres already owned.
201702030708 Student Life and Health Sciences Center Neumann University Delaware Aston Township $1,500,000 The Student Life and Health Sciences Center project will include infrastructure, construction and other related costs for the addition to existing academic campus facilities. ... wards.xlsx
By 50 plus
What Chester Twp does with their money really doesn't concern me but at least Neumann used their money for the intended purpose.

Not really positive how grants work. Government hold onto the money until progress is shown or do the towns get the money no matter what and have to use it within a certain period of time?