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By eriknben10
Even better than all the comedic tweets.
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By JuneCarter
Trump golfs so much Fox News sent out a "news alert" tweet that the president would remain at the White House this past weekend and work.

Turns out that he was at his resort in Virginia golfing.
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By norton
How thankful we as Americans can be to have a real President who has care and concern for this once great nation. Obama put many nails in our coffin.
By treehugger
Stinky Pete wrote:"The Washington Post crunched the numbers and found that President Trump's three Mar-a-Lago trips since the inauguration have probably cost the treasury about $10 million. The Trump family's extravagant lifestyle — plus, the sheer number of Trumps the Secret Service has to protect — could end up costing the government hundreds of millions of dollars in 4 years."

Compared to the money he is saving us........ :mrgreen: