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sandbagger2 wrote:Nominee's Rebuttal

If the by laws don't specifically state the person must be a Veteran than how is that a factor. One might intend for that to be the case but if it's not specifically stated than your objection doesn't count.

That woman seems dedicated to the Veterans. She's the spouse of a Vet. Since when do we dismiss spouses, parents or children of Veterans? Am I missing something?

Rumor is that some "veterans" don't like the idea of the non-veteran on the board taking care of the memorial garden. Are you kidding me?
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By JuneCarter
But. Yet. The literal head of the United States' Department of Veterans' Affairs isn't a Vet!?

January 11, 2017
In a move that left many veterans groups breathing a sigh of relief, President-elect Donald J. Trump on Wednesday selected the current head of the nation’s sprawling veterans health care system, Dr. David J. Shulkin, an appointee of President Obama’s, to become secretary of veterans affairs.

If confirmed, he will be the first secretary to lead the department who is not a veteran.
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By sandbagger2
I think Mr. McGinn stated that he was on the board when this was discussed and that he's the one that started it. Hmmm, they should probably check the Minutes, no doubt it's all in there. :roll: