1. Trump read a story in Breitbart, or maybe he went to the original source of Alex Jones, and then tweeted about it.

2. There is ongoing surveillance and collection of international communications, but it takes a long time to go through the material when you are retroactively analyzing what you may have inadvertently picked up.

3. My opinion on the British spying on Trump tower is that the administration conjured this to muddy the waters regarding the ex-MI6 agent that was working to uncover Trump related dirt. Napolitano was colluding with Bannon.
eriknben10 wrote:I think Fox was one of the places mentioned but the New York Times had the stories of surveillance in print many times, among other news including NBC and ABC. I can't wait until the investigation is over to hear what really happened. I won't hold my breath though, it is the gubberment.

This is what I was responding to and it preceded your discussions with JuneCarter.
JuneCarter wrote:He's blaming Fox News again :roll:

I was replying to this. Get it yet?
I wasn't. I was replying to your introduction of the NY Times piece. if you read what I said, it was just a small comment about the NY Times article. I was not making a comment about the overall discussion, nor what JuneCarter said about Trump attacking FOX. In fact, there was no reason at all for you to get defensive.
I read exactly what you said "The NY Times had no story about surveillance or wiretaps on Trump Towers.
For a guy who proudly claims to never vote, you spend a lot of time defending Republicans."

I merely tried to show you I wasn't supporting anyone as you claimed. And the facts prove you were wrong that the " "The NY Times had no story about surveillance or wiretaps on Trump Towers."

Sorry cupcake, you stuck your nose in my conversation without checking the facts.
Let me be more clear. The NY Times story about surveillance of possible ties between Trump operatives and Russia; the story that is being referenced by the the White House does not include any comment about direct surveillance of Trump Towers or that Obama directed such such surveillance. It is a red herring.
Regardless of what you think about the surveillance or any conclusion you have come to, Trump did claim what I stated he did along with the Fox story. That is all I stated about the reports. So how again am I "defending Republicans."?
They both had debacles about surveillance under Obamas administration, that much is true. Funny stuff, makes for good drama and much comedic response from SNL. Back when she had her debacle it went on for a few months if I remember correctly.
Like Obama said back then to justify surveillance "Why would we need intelligence services if they only found out things you can read in the New York Times. Per definition, those services are tasked with finding out what people are planning, what goes on in their minds, what their aims are. That supports our diplomatic and political goals."

In other words we can't let the public know we did this to another person, it would start a war! You can investigate it til the cows come home and you will never get the truth.
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