By LuccaJoy
Since I've been living here in Brookhaven, I'm somewhat taken aback by the mail carriers: young people with no real "uniform" looking...well, a bit homeless, actually. Do they not pick up mail anymore? Spent all morning Saturday writing out checks, placed them in the box with the FLAG UP, saw the kid walk through my yard as usual - they're still sitting in the mail box with the flag up!! Have I missed something? And before you ask: yes, I do pay many bills by phone, but prefer mailing some. Very strange indeed. :o
Personally I would recommend taking any mailings to a street mail box or PO and not rely on the flag up . I believe the street mail box is safer and more reliable for your mail going to the proper location.
Thanks, Norton. I thought street mail boxes were a thing of the past, though. Our PO is in a shopping center which I avoid since I found, on numerous occasions, that people drive like lunatics in there. Ah, well...guess I'll have to drive them to Middletown.
Stinky Pete wrote:I can't remember the last time I mailed a bill. It has to be ten years at least...

Thank you, Stinky. I feel better now :D So, okay; I'm an old broad, and it's my preference. I make way too many online mistakes and don't trust it anyway. I do about 40% by phone; the rest are mailed.
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By norton
Of course I do not know where in Brookhaven you live but I have seen street mailboxes in the town. I would find one that is somewhat nearby and use that one. Could be the PO can even tell you of them.