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Stinky Pete wrote:Anyone who didn't drink JW's poison trump koolaide is a hater today. He is all-in with Babyman!

Not true I make my own opinions and am way past coolaid. Your hate shows through. When someone posts pure BS I'm calling them on it just like I get called on it. Those people latch on to anything negative and hold it as truth.
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By JuneCarter
Mike Flynn pushed Trump to allow military actions with less oversight. His son in law agreed with Flynn.

Turns out that Flynn's meeting with the Russian "ambassador" was at Trump Tower and Jared Kushner attended the ill conceived meeting (s) as well.
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50 plus wrote:Such a hater??? How about a President taking responsibility? I never said there shouldn't be raids. Topic wasn't about that. He milked her situation for all it was worth. And what is MY story compared to what everyone else has said?

You stated he made the decision on his own without consulting anyone because as you said he is the supreme being. That is untrue. The op was planned before he was elected. When the time was right for the op it was brought to his attention. He ok'ed it. How is that making the decision on his own?
By 50 plus
You need to think a little broader. No one said the plan wasn't there but situations change from day to day. He didn't bother getting any new intel or let anyone know he was calling the raid except for his "generals" . He didn't ask if anything changed and went along with Brannon and Kuschner because he needed something to boost the adoration by his base. They were faced with fortified bunkers and a resistance army greater than what they expected. Why didn't he come up with something on his own if his generals are suddenly so smart now? Because if it didn't work he could say it was Obamas plan. Because everything Donnie does is perfection.
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JuneCarter wrote:They were tipped off by a sudden uptick in drone use. They could hear the recon drones.

True, and the women picked up weapons and fought this is why soany of what they want call civilian casualties.
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