By WoodE
The entire church operates like organized crime and should be tried under the RICO law...their perpetuation and conspiracy to cover up crime i.e. pedophile priests has been proved. Older victims of abuse cannot get justice because of the statue of limitations...and the PA Catholic Conference and the Insurance Cos. have strong lobby groups to keep it that way. Tell your legislatures to open the two-year window so these priests and their protectors can be brought to justice.
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By Stinky Pete
Because of an unwed, underage aunt of mine, who became pregnant by a catholic priest in 1933, I've done extensive research into this kind of thing. I'd bet a lot of these remains were priests' babies. It was a bigger problem than you'd expect. The mothers were lied to and told they could take their babies and go live somewhere after they gave birth. Then, once the baby was born, the mother never saw it again.