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By eriknben10
What they did in reality is help keep the resources flowing around the world to help those in need. In turn, Sunoco can keep costs down here in the states. Like I said, they will pass all costs onto the consumer so the more Sunoco spends defending their pipelines, the more utility bills cost. The government likes more cost because higher cost equates to higher tax and therefore more income for their coffers at the expense of consumers.
If you are worried about a leak, keep your eye on that 80 year old 8" main running down Red Hill Rd. in front of the Assisi House.
When you go to the city keep your eyes out as well. In 2013, Philadelphia Gas Works reported 89 leaks per hundred miles of gas line — eight times the national average.

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By eriknben10
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By norton
A worker doing work down from the Field and Stream to Chester Creek said they will be 70 feet below the creek bottom with the pipe. Can't imagine what this whole system will cost.
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By sandbagger2
Stinky Pete wrote:Is this pipeline what's going on across from glenwood elementary?

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By eriknben10
Despite the Mariner East II Pipeline not finished yet.

Poland received its first shipment of U.S.-produced liquefied natural gas (LNG) exported Wednesday. ... ng-russia/
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By eriknben10
$1,669,000.00 That should help Septa keep their employees working for a few weeks!
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