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By JuneCarter
Fox is trying to deflect too. They just switched to Gorsuch coverage.

So this Russian investigation has been going on since July and is just now being confirmed.

I predict jail time for several and an impeachment.
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By eriknben10
It is striking to me that these folks asking questions are quoting news outlets as the only source of their concern. Speculation and accusation without any evidence is all they have. Neither of the gentlemen sitting there are going to provide any information on any ongoing investigation to the public. No evidence so far on either points is their answer. Rightly so since secrecy is paramount during investigation. They did however acknowledge that the false news runs rampart in all outlets. Big shock huh.
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By Boro Friend
Stinky Pete wrote:That topic won't be going away anytime soon.

The democrats can't afford to let it go. They don't have anything else going for them. The first six produced zip. Perhaps the next six months will be better for them.
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By JuneCarter
Trump is a traitor. Not a Republican or a Patriot. Stop saying it's a Democratic ploy. FYI, I'm a Republican and I'm pretty sure Stinky is as well.
Are you?
By Crowbird23
Trump lies about wiretapping then orders an investigation on the lie. He won't let it go and apologize to Obama.The man is mentally unstable and I wish you well backing him.SAD! The hell with meals on wheels. He actually thinks he is doing a great job.SAD!
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