By LuccaJoy
Somebody compared the new Shoprite to a Big Lots?? I like it there - much better selection than Giant (and they are improving their Organic). I especially like some of their soups and hot food and Chinese food bars - Giant has that same old dried out fried chicken day in and day out - who EATS that stuff?
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By Stinky Pete
LuccaJoy wrote:Somebody compared the new Shoprite to a Big Lots??

That was me. There's a word I want to describe the similarity, but I can't come up with it. They sell a lot of discount brands. We have enough discount/dollar stores in Aston.
By LuccaJoy
Oh... :D I never noticed the discount brands. Odd, though, isn't it: the presentation (bakery, deli, etc.) seems almost like they're "high-end," almost as though they were trying to emulate a Wegman's set-up. That was my first impression, anyway.

And speaking of Wegman's: LOVE IT THERE, but they take too much of my money :(
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