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Phaedrus wrote:Are they planning on a pub at the brewery?

They are not. The owner of the industrial park is turning into a real jerk. He put a stop to Car shows stating the use of the parking lot creates wear.
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By eriknben10
Five Guys fries or Thrashers on the beach.
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eriknben10 wrote:Five Guys fries or Thrashers on the beach.

Curly fries on the Wildwood board walk. With apple cider vinegar and hot sauce.
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Phaedrus wrote:I'm in the area tomorrow night, maybe I'll check out those fries.

They're called Truffle parmesan with garlic herbs goes good with the Troeginator.
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By Phaedrus
Thanks. I have to be in Chester by eightish, what are the chances of getting a table around 6:30 at the Kennett location. Zero to none?
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