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By Phaedrus
eriknben10 wrote:While you might be correct that some people had to live off of SS, the assumption that most did is false. In fact the life expectancy in those days was below the allowable age to even collect it.

However, average age of death is not a good measure. Life expectancy changes with age. Here is the actuarial chart for SS

Even if using average age of death, you should only use the age at which you begin paying into SS. That eliminates child deaths which used to be much higher.
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By eriknben10
So show me that table in 1935 numbers so you can understand what I was speaking of in the remark you quoted. Things changed a great deal since then, 2013 actuaries isn't any comparison for the discussion. Needless to say the program that was created for supplemental income has gotten to the point where it is headed down hill like a snowball headed for hell.
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By eriknben10
Bottom line is the young working poor people are paying into a system and have a worse chance of ever seeing any of it at all.
Wealthy people outliving the poor by roughly 7-10 years some studies have that figure at 15 years, adds up to the poor once again working for the wealthy.
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