Stinky Pete wrote:If you're going to accuse others of "small thinking", you need to be providing more of a plan than just a "can-do" attitude. That's actually less than small thinking. It's "no thinking".

lol , Alright what ever helps you sleep at night. No plan starts at '' no thinking.'' Even you had to think to write that. However every plan starts at can do. Don't tell anyone, the secret is well-kept.
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By Phaedrus
Boro Friend wrote:
The President is simply telling everyone in his own way that it's going to be ok to do business in the U.S. once again without government holding their hands so tightly. That message hasn't been lost on the job creators. That's why all the optimism.

I agree that is what he is saying, and that is what you are hearing. What I am hearing, however, is someone who wants to raise tariffs and cancel trade agreements thereby shrinking the economy. Not open for business.

You want to believe in protectionist economic nationalism, but I see that as a road to ruin.
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By norton
Here is what helped produce todays "young Liberals".
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