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By Phaedrus
Boro Friend wrote:I did a quick survey on some of Ms. Ryan's opinion pieces and it's all left wing. Good stuff through, good stuff.

She was not doing investigative journalism. She was just pointing out what is in the public record with respect to Trump's defense of sexual harassers and his own admitting of sexual harassment. Nothing was made up.
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By Phaedrus
Tonight I heard Maxine Waters suggest that Bill O'Reilly should go to jail and I honestly felt, yeah, why not? If he is guilty of this behavior, why shouldn't he go to jail?

Then he could see how he likes locker room talk. :wink:
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By JuneCarter
China is bad!! They manipulate currency. (Last week)

China is good!! The don't manipulate currency. (Today)


NATO is bad!! (Last week)

NATO is good!! (Today)

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By norton
How sad and dangerous the Obama terms have undermined our nation and culture. Folks need to understand that Obama would have no problem, and maybe delight, in sending this nation and people to oblivion .
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