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By Phaedrus
Export-Import Bank Bad --> Moved to Good column

Janet Yellin soon to be a best bud

NATO. Hey folks, what would we ever do without NATO? Good people, good people.

China = currency manipulating bastards out to steal our lunch. Hey! They like chocolate cake! And hate Kim. Let's give them an even better trade deal. Maybe we can have them lead the TPP, you know that trade deal that we wanted in order to counter China's hegemony? And look at the favors they just did for my scrumptious daughter (otherwise I'd do her) Ivanka.
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By JuneCarter
Full story on CNN Politics. Just an excerpt below:

(CNN) Iran is sticking to the terms of its nuclear deal made with the Obama administration, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has concluded, but he questions whether sanctions should keep being lifted, given Iran's continued support for terrorism.

The Secretary of State said the Trump administration was reviewing the lifting of sanctions against Iran, arguing that the country remains a sponsor of terrorism. Tillerson came to the conclusion Tuesday during a routine, quarterly report to Congress on Iran's progress in the nuclear deal.
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By Phaedrus
Okay, so you mean he is reconsidering reimposing sanctions. I doubt we would find many partners for reimposing sanctions and a unilateral reimposing of sanctions, or as Trump puts it, bilateral trade agreement, would not work.
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