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By Stinky Pete
This quote was also great.

“This guy is dangerously unhinged,” he said. “And, for all the things people have said about me over the years, I should be able to spot Dangerously Unhinged"
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By JuneCarter
It's nice if him to say this stuff but meanwhile he writes nasty scripted untruths and pays a pretty young girl to recite them angrily and shares them through The Blaze.
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By Phaedrus
JW wrote:
Phaedrus wrote:
JW wrote:I've learned that people hate our current government so much Trump may get elected. because they know Hillery is more of the same and worse.

If Obama was running again he would win in a landslide. The only reason this is close is the hatred Republicans have for Clinton. We've always known that. In fact, it was a "change" talking point for Obama in 2008 that the Dems should not put up a candidate that would energize the Republican base.

Who's the we you refer to? You and George Soros?

We meaning people who pay attention, do the research, etcetera, etcetera.
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By norton
All, Note the two Leftist going back and forth in the above posts. Maybe they are in reality one and the same? :-)
At any rate. We have a opportunity to give our nation some more time to recover and exist if we can keep the chosen Leftist (Hillary Clinton) out of the Capitol. Vote carefully. Hillary is in no way the one we can endure in the presidency. Place your vote for the Republican slate.
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By Stinky Pete
We try to include you, but you're not capable of forming a thought on your own.

norton wrote: - the same company that employs more people overseas than it does in the United States.

Can you please explain why this is bad?
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Stinky Pete wrote:Trump looked extra orange while voting today. It makes his teeth really 'pop'.

It's the spray tan. Your just jealous of his suits.
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