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By norton
Lefts like the poster above hate this place pictured- (I love big, powerful government the Liberal's motto)
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By Stinky Pete
norton wrote:I love big, powerful government the Liberal's motto)

You're the one who loves big, powerful government.

You want the government to control what women can do.
You want a big military.
You want the government to promote your religious beliefs, despite what the constitution says.
You want the government to keep out religions that you don't like.
You want our government interfering in other countries.

Seriously, you don't seem to have any idea what you're talking about. If anyone here is for big government, it's you.
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By norton
JuneCarter wrote:Hey Norty,
Remember when you voted for an atheist, lying, degenerate RINO traitor and we didn't ?

Obama? No I did not vote for an Islamic traitor.
"Never in the history of the world has a powerful, central government been the friend of the common man. The Leftist, Liberal agenda is simply install and provide for a powerful central government. I see you are now a leading spokesman (or what ever) for that mentality and morality. Congrats. :-(
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By norton
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By norton
Servicing the Super Chief - Great pic
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