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By Phaedrus
No, hate speech is hate speech. The fact that liberals don't like it is to their credit.

Norton wants to be free to spread racism and hate. You must understand.
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By norton
Baldwins many years ago.

Watch the Leftists on here interject Liberal agenda posts, somehow, even on a historical picture.
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By JuneCarter
A group of Nordic prime ministers is mocking an image of President Trump and Saudi Arabian King Salman touching a glowing orb during Trump's visit to Riyadh last week, reenacting the photo with a European football.

The leaders, including the prime ministers of Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden and Iceland, stood around a soccer ball, each touching it.
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By norton
Cape May NJ airport during WW2
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By norton
5 points to all who can name this aircraft. 10 points if you get it right. :-) (at Reading airport WW2 days event)
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By eriknben10
Looks a lot like a WWII P 51 Mustang Fighter but is it the Kingcobra? Judging from all the pics on the internet the front wheel stem is on backward!
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