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By eriknben10
Looks like the WH is turning white again. The Russian reset is being painted over.
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By norton
Concord Rd Concordville years back
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By norton
Stinky Pete's hero-
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By norton
Stinky Pete wrote:Oh my, Norty, the pictures I could post as a reply. But it's just too mean...

You and the other Leftists on this once good forum ignore the fact that Powerful Central Governments are never the friend of the common man. Hillary, Obama and other Dems are proponents of the Powerful Central Government and have no love nor regard for the values and philosophy that produced this great nation and culture and made it a haven and hope for millions.
By Crowbird23
You are so righteous. that you follow a man who breaks more than one of the Ten Commandments. I see the man as a person who is the exact opposite of what is good in the world. Try to listen when you get to church on Sunday.
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By Phaedrus
One of the rules of jihad is that you can break all the rules of Islam in defense of the faith. Norton is our resident Christian jihadist.
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